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The History of The 14/48 Projects 


The 14/48 Projects uses unconventional structures

to create events that strengthen the artistic community & transcend audience expectations.

The 14/48 Projects was formed to produce and expand the reach of our signature event – 14/48: The World’s Quickest Theater Festival.

Since 1997, 14/48 had been produced through a collaboration between One World Theatre and Three Card Monty, but in 2013 we consolidated into a new organization with a broader mandate.

The 14/48 Projects produces all iterations of The World’s Quickest Theater Festival, Theater Anonymous, and many more social theatrical events in Seattle. We are also developing a network of 14/48 Festivals nationally with 14/48: Austin, and internationally with 14/48: Leicester,  14/48: Wolverhampton, and 14/48: London!

Jodi-Paul Wooster

Kathie Whitehall, Erin Bednarz, & Christopher A. Dewar

The 14/48 Projects Partner Program offers producing support to independent artists, helping send Jennifer Jasper’s Etymology to compete in the finals of (and win!) The Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival and launching Rachel Atkins' Voyage for Madmen in early 2015.

We have also begun developing our education program with NorthShorts, a co-production with North Seattle College, and mentoring 14/48: HS, the first-ever festival exclusively for local high school students.

A History of the Festival

14/48: The World’s Quickest Theater Festival was the brainchild of Michael Neff and Jodi-Paul Wooster. The very first iteration of the festival took place in the tiny Chamber Theater.

By the third festival, 14/48 moved to a two-weekend, twice-yearly format and developed what would become a long-term producing partnership with Consolidated Works. This partnership provided a stable home, during which time 14/48 developed a rabid fan base.

In 2005, 14/48 severed its relationship with Consolidated Works and cemented its status as an itinerant festival. Since then, the Seattle festival has packed houses at Broadway Performance Hall, Capitol Hill Arts Center, Theatre Off Jackson, Theatre Puget Sound, On the Boards, the Erickson Theatre, ACT Theatre, 12th Avenue Arts, Cafe Nordo, and Seattle Repertory Theatre.

Several variations of the festival have been developed along the way, including 14/48: BoomBox, 14/48: Mixtape, Theater Anonymous, Outdoors, All Rookies (all participants new to the festival or their discipline), and many more.

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