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Artist involvement in 14/48: The World’s Quickest Theater Festival is based on an invitations process only.

To help foster an environment of community instead of competition, we do not hold auditions.

Invitations come from our Invitations Committee, a group of local theater practitioners and producers representing many factions of the Seattle Theater Community. ​

This group is constantly changing so that we are spreading our reach to all corners of Seattle’s artist communities. In order to make sure we are always fresh and open, we commit to always having 25% of our artists in each festival as first-timers!

Invitations Committee 2023- 2024

Megan Ahiers
Shawn Belyea

Stan Shields

Jodi-Paul Wooster

Charlotte Peters

Roger Tang

Kathy Hsieh

Agastya Kohli
Pilar O'Connell

Shana Bestock

Liz Stasio

Zane Exactly

Kate Drummond


Angelo Domitri & Ruth Eitemiller


Join us for an event!

Many hands make light work and lots of fun. Jump into a 14/48 production as a box office attendant, usher, or artist wrangler. You'll meet all kinds of fun theater humans and learn how it all works! 



Want to volunteer?

Drop us a line!  


Want to be on the Invitations Committee?

Contact us and let us know what

you can bring to the committee!

Want to be considered as an artist for 14/48?

Let us know! Outline your artistic discipline and where the Invitations Committee can see your work in action.

Thanks! We'll be in touch soon!

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