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“What do I possibly have to contribute to this iconic tradition of 14/48’s  It’s A Wonderful Life?!”


…is what went through my head when Charlotte Peters and Shawn Belyea reached out to me to direct. Once my panic subsided, I pondered over what unique stamp I could put on it while honoring the 14/48 traditions of surprise, discovery, and celebration. What I landed on is what you are about to see. It felt appropriate for me, a Green Card-holding immigrant director, to tell this well known American story with a much wider lens. In light of current events, it felt important to remember that every life—no matter what country or culture you live in—has value.


I am delighted that my concept for the show was met with enthusiasm. I was able to create opportunities for some of these actors to share a side of them that only comes out when speaking in their native tongue or in a language they were raised with. In the spirit of 14/48’s inclusive culture, I wanted to highlight and celebrate immigrants and have the audience witness just a fraction of the tapestry of this country—perhaps the ideal picture.


Enjoy the sounds from different corners of our world, some you may have never heard before, telling the story you know and love. Together.


Many thanks to Team Clarence who carried me through this process: Shawn, Charlotte, James, Jose, Paula, and Corynn. 本当に、本当に、ありがとう。




Mimi Katano


Movie script by

Philip Van Doren Stern

Adapted for the Stage by

Shawn Belyea and

Jodi-Paul Wooster

Directed by

Mimi Katano 


Assistant Director

Jose Amador


Charlotte Peters

Stage Manager

Corynn Carignan

Scenic Designer

Gerard Menendez

Sound Designer

Kyle Thompson

Lights and Projections

Angelo Domitri


Andrea Spraycar


Sam Holsworth

Rehearsal Assistant

 Paula Wilson Nitka & James Schilling


Joe Iano

ASL Coordinator

Jessica Kiely

ASL Interpreters

Carissa Flowers & Sarah Schomer

Special Thanks to

Our volunteers, Our board event committee, Mike Gilson, Jaime Roberts, Kiki Abba, Mariko Kita, The Wooster Family, Cookie Bakers, Crockpot Chefs, All the Secret Keepers, Cornish College of the Arts , David Hsieh 

Produced by The 14/48 Projects
Licensed from The Anonymous Theatre Company in Portland, OR.


4Culture-Logo-GC11-c (1).png

The 14/48 Projects Staff

Artistic Director

Stan Shields

Producing Director

Shawn Belyea

Operations Director

Megan Ahiers

Web & Graphic Designer

Corinne Park-Buffelen

Marketing Director

Rachel Reub

UK Liaison

Kerri Brown Wooster

Production Manager

Chad Sommerville

Bar Manager

Ryan Higgins

Project Manager

Charlotte Peters

Assistant Producer

Charissa Adams

Founder & President

Jodi-Paul Wooster

The 14/48 Projects Board of Directors


Peggy Gannon

Vice President

Christi Cruz


Stella Stamenova


Stacey Bush

Erin Bednarz
Allanah Rass-Berquist
Michael Held
Joe Iano
Jasmine Joshua

Kathryn Jean Keller
Brendan Mack
Pamala Mijatov
Zenaida Rose Smith
Jodi-Paul Wooster

Special thanks for all of your service to our outgoing Board Members!  We love you Christi, Michael, and Nicole!

And welcome to our new incoming 2024 Board Members Darian Lindle, Mimi Katano, and Gabriel Ayerza

We want to thank all those who have donated time and money to The 14/48 Projects


Cody Smith

Erin Bednarz

Gavin Reub

Shauna Higgins

Val Brunetto

Sam Ro

Heather Persinger

Caitlin Colman

Ayo Tushinde

Mark Waldstein

Gerard Menendez

Kiki Abba

Dylan Zucati

Kelly Kemmerling

Mary Brown

Lisa Viertel

Beth Matthiessen

Peggy Gannon



Kiki Abba            
Devon Allen            
Jay Athalye            
Scot Augustson            
Gabriel Ayerza            
Jennifer Baggs            
Tracy Barrett            
Julie Beckman            
Aaron Blank            
Barbara Blunt            
John Bradshaw            
Nathan Brockett            
Lyssa Browne            
Valerie Brunetto            
David Buechler            
Robert Buechler            
Stacey Bush            
Zandi Carlson            
Tom Challinor            
Amy Chasanov            
Daniel Christensen            
Elizabeth  Coplan            
Alysha Curry            
Amy and Trick Danneker            
Eddie DeHais            
Teresa Dodds            
John Doty            
Michael Dyen            
Jeanne Eagleson            
Nick Edwards            
Dave Elvin            
The Winkler Family             
Erin Fetridge            
Bret Fetzer            
Anna Forse            
Caitlin Frances            
Jodi Freeman            
Ellen Frierson            
Mark Fullerton            
Peggy Gannon            
Heather Gautschi            
Mike Gilson            
Maria Glanz            
David Goldstein            
Bradley Goodwill            
Marcus Gorman            
Albert Gustafson            
Brendan Healy            
Michael Held            
Jerin and Craig Howard            
Tracy and Tim Hyland            
Joseph Iano and  Lesley Bain
Kate Jaeger            
Neeloofar Jenks            
Andy Jensen            
Aaron Jin            
Kelly Johnson            
Kathryn Keller            
Catherine Kettrick            
Jessica Kiely 

Stacy Kihlstrom            
Mariko Kita            
Becca Knox            
Erin Kraft            
Alexandra Kronz            
Leslie Law            
Frank Lawler            
Amy LaZerte            
Teri Lazzara            
Margaret Lee            
Darian Lindle            
Jill Marr            
Christina Mastin            
Mack McCoy            
Andrew McMasters            
Amelia Meckler            

Gerard Menendez            
Barb and Gary Menendez            
Joe Micheletti            
Tami Micheletti            
Chris and Miranda Mikolaizik            
Sharon Millien            
Jordaan Montes            
Daniel Morris            
Robert Newell            
Peter Dylan O’Connor            
Lance  Park

Andy Park- Buffelen                        
Amy Poisson            
Ksenia Popova            
Nikki Przasnyski            
Kelsey Puhalla            
Daniel Randles            
Wayne Rawley            
Jaime Roberts            
Christienne Rodgers            
Kaitlyn Rosin            
Laurel Ryan            
Julia and Kiki Sagoian            
Larry Setlow            
Patrick Sheehy            
Kyna Shilling            
Zenaida Smith            
Angela Sparks            
Ryan Spickard            
Andrea Spraycar            
Rachel Ruby Squires            
Stiliyana Stamenova            
Elizabeth Stasio            
Tonia Steed and Vic Bondi
Nicole Stellner and Peter Eberhardy 
Steven Sterne and Jennifer Dice
Ayo Tushinde            
Faith Vanchu            
Mark Waldstein            
James Weidman            
Richard White            
Sarah Winsor            
Kerri Wooster            
Crystal Yingling            
Dylan Zucati            


Cindy Bradder
Linda Clemon-Karp
Ben Derby
Jennifer Dice
Anna Forse
Macall Gordon
Erik Hammen
Renae Howard
Rob Jones
Agastya Kohli
Grant Lowe
Marty Mukhalian
Jaime Roberts
Cynthia Scheiderer
Greg Scheiderer
Eric Schreiber
Tera Schreiber
Stiliyana Stamenova
Steven Sterne
Quinn Thomsen
Alison Thomsen
Anne Valles
Joe Zavadil


Kiki Abba
Jenn Baggs
Lesley Bain
Kaya Bekiroglu
Corey Bell
Vic Bondi
Linda Breneman
Tom Challinor
Amy Chasanov
Chris Comte
Amy Danneker
Trick Danneker
Meaghan Darling
Marianna de Fazio
Jennifer Dice
Peter Eberhardy
Monica Galarneau
Peggy Gannon
Mike Gilson
Daniel Glenn
Julia Griffin
Chris Haddad
William Hall, Jr.
Cale Haskell
Tim Hyland
Joe Iano
Andy Jensen
Rob Jones
Kaeline Kine
Mariko Kita
Becca Knox
Josef Krebs
Sam Lamb
Frank Lawler
Teri Lazzara
Darian Lindle
Carolyn & Steve Lindle
Laura Lindle
Troy Lund
Jill and Jason Marr
Amelia Meckler
Jen Moon
Scotto Moore
K. Brian Neel
Bruce Oberg
Nik Perleros
Sal Ponce
Desiree Prewitt
Alan Pruzan
Jaime Roberts
Julia and Kiki Sagoian
Carl Sander
Greg    Scheiderer
Cynthia Scheiderer
Eric Schreiber
Larry Setlow
Stan Shields
Ben Simmons
Judy Simmons
Leigh Simpson
Matt Smith
Ryan Spickard
Stiliyana Stamenova
Shawnmarie Stanton
Tonia Steed
Garth Stein
Nicole Stellner
Steven Sterne
Rachel Theriot
Cynthia Thomas
Annette Toutonghi
Anne Valles
Heather Ward
Gina Winkler
Anthony Winkler

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