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This Spring, we're

doing something

we've never done


We're reaching out to our 14/48 family and friends and asking them to Raise the Stakes for The 14/48 Projects in our first ever online donation campaign. Our goal is to raise money from people just like you. People that have participated in our festivals, attended our shows, drank from the ceremonial keg, or called 14/48 their artistic home. We're all 14/48, and we all raise the stakes together.


We've been going strong for over twenty years, graduating from rehearsals in coffee shops to hosting our flagship festival at ACT Theatre. We're constantly inspired by how a small one-off theater festival from the 90s has grown into a substantial non-profit organization that's thrived for so long.


While a lot has changed over the years, the spirit of what we do remains steadfast. You can always count on 14/48 to bring our community together to do what we do best: put on a play. Every year we want to keep raising the stakes, whether it's launching partner festivals in new cities around the world, creating new programming like 14/48: Nordo, or helping produce new work from Veteran artists. Help support the future and continued growth of The 14/48 Projects. Let's Raise the Stakes!  

We'll also be sharing testimonial videos from our near and dear on our social media accounts. Let us know how you Raised the Stakes at 14/48 and share your video using the hashtag #1448RaiseTheStakes

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